EMWIN Emergency Managers Weather Information Network:


Photo:   2.5 Meter EMWIN downlink antenna (1691 MHz)

A few years ago I was looking for information on weather warnings for a friend doing his Ph.D. research on Tornado Safety and ran across the satellite based EMWIN system. As usual I had to build a ground station. This project fits the pattern too... I've been working with satellites since I helped build a weather satelliteground station in 1965.  Since then I've built so many satellite stations I can't count them.  For more on EMWIN try: http://iwin.nws.noaa.gov/emwin/index.htm  (Yuichi Ono, now has his Ph.D. and works for the WMO UNHCR and I sometimes shut EMWIN down so I can watch satellite TV)


Note: You can use any of these circuits for personal or public service projects. All I ask is that you let me know what you are doing with them. Commercial users need my permission and must obtain it before use.

ITU REC-V.36 Descrambler: This circuit is designed to receive the "high speed" EMWIN down link from the GOES weather satellites. The input must be connected directly to the output of an FM receiver. The output is an EIA-232 9600b/S ASCII data stream.

The red is the top and blue the bottom layer. The circuit diagram is available here in Postscript or GIF format. A two layer circuit board design is available with Silk Screen Component Layer, Solder Layer in Gerber 2.4 format, a DrillTape in Excellon format, Aperture and Tooling files in ASCII text format. These CAD/CAM files were used to manufacture prototype boards at either of my favorite prototype houses: Alberta Printed Circuits, Ltd. or PCB123.  The author (That's me.) no longer has PC boards for sale.  To view the circuit board files you need a copy of GC-PREVIEW or CAM/CAD, free (evaluation versions) GERBER viewers.